June 13, 2021


Application for Room Use

Any group wishing to book a meeting room shall obtain and complete a room use application form and shall return the form to the library reference desk. The application will include a copy of the Meeting Room Policy and these Rules of Use. Applicants indicate their reading and understanding of these rules by signature. A copy of their agreement to the rules will be kept on file for one year or until the designated representative of the group, as indicated on that form, changes. A copy of the form will be returned to the organization when the room use is approved and the reservation is made.


The rooms may be booked up to 45 days in advance for specific events.

Requests for booking dates beyond 45 days or for multiple day bookings must be approved by the library director.

To ensure equal access to the facilities, groups are limited to one room booking for one day each month. This limitation does not apply to rooms when they remain available within seven days of an event.

Groups wishing to show videos or DVDs must demonstrate at the time of scheduling that the performance is covered by one of the librarys Public Performance Site Licenses or provide written authorization from the studio/distributor for a public performance.

Bookings may be canceled by the library director whenever library operations require. In such instances, the library will inform the designated contact person as soon as possible.

Prompt notification to the library of cancellation of a meeting is required. It is the group leader or meeting sponsors responsibility to notify its members/audience if the scheduled meeting or public program is to be canceled or moved.

Unscheduled use of the conference room may be allowed, without completion of a room use application, for small, one-on-one meetings, study sessions, tutoring sessions, exam proctoring, etc.


Groups of more than 15 attendees will instruct their participants to park in the church parking lot on the corner of 9th and Maple (meeting sponsors and attendees are reminded not to park in any restricted areas--disabled spaces, loading zones, fire lanes, spaces in front of dumpsters, driveways or in any other area that would impede the free flow of vehicles).


Groups wishing to use library equipment must make prior arrangements with library staff and receive training if necessary for the operation of the equipment. The library does not provide equipment operators. Individuals should not attempt to use library equipment without prior approval/instruction.

At the time that the meeting room is reserved, approval must be sought for any equipment that will be brought in by the group for use during the meeting. Such equipment might include but is not limited to: computers, projectors, sound systems, and coffee makers.

Groups that need to hang posters, flags or other objects on the Bromley Rooms wall railing must also seek approval. Nothing may be directly attached to the walls in either meeting room.

Equipment may not leave the building without the prior approval of the library director.

Except for emergencies, library staff will not take messages for people attending or conducting meetings, nor are library telephones available. A pay phone is available in the lobby.

The library does not provide storage space for property belonging to groups or organizations.

Damage, Cleaning, and Security

Users assume responsibility for clean up, and for any damage to library property resulting from their use of the facilities. If necessary, cleaning/repair charges will be billed to the organization or individual who booked the room.

The back door of the Bromley Room is a fire door and is to be used only in emergencies unless authorized by the library director, designated staff member, or key monitor. Windows should be closed when the room is vacated.

Meeting rooms are available only during the librarys open hours. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis by the Library Director or designated staff.

In special circumstances, the Bromley Room may be booked after normal operating hours contingent upon the availability of a key monitor. Key monitors are approved and trained trustees responsible for opening, closing, and security of the building.