June 13, 2021


You can sign up for a library card in about five minutes.  If you have current photo identification as well as identification showing that your primary residence is within library district boundaries or that you own property within library district boundaries there is no fee for a library card.  Those living in other areas may receive a card for a fee of $15.00 for three months or $50.00 per year per household.  Some acceptable identification may include:

  •      Oregon driver's license or identification card
  •      Oregon health insurance card
  •      Oregon vehicle registration card or automobile insurance verification
  •      Oregon voter registration card
  •      Utility bill (electric, water, cable, etc.)
  •      Rental housing agreement
  •      Official first class mail received at your residence address (not a PO Box)

Minors (people under 18 years of age) may receive a library card if a parent or legal guardian comes into the library and signs the permission/responsibility portion of the library card application on behalf of the minor


Items checked out on your library card are your (or the parent/legal guardian's) responsibility.  Treat your card as you would a credit card.  Lending your card to others is not a good idea.

If your card is lost or stolen, let the library circulation staff know as soon as possible.  They can place a "stop" on the card to prevent others from using it.  Replacement cards cost $.50.

Please inform the circulation department if you move or change your telephone number or email address.  Current contact information is required in order to notify patrons about reserves and overdue materials. 

  • New books
14 days
(limit 4)
  • DVDs/Videocassettes
7 days (limit 6 per household)
  • Recorded books
21 days (limit 6)
  • CDs (music)
21 days (limit 6)
  • Magazines
21 days (limit 6)
  • Toys and kits
21 days (limit 2)
  • Video Games   
7 days (limit 2 per household)
  • All other materials
21 days
(no limit)
NOTE: All Materials may be renewed one time as long as no one else is waiting for the item.