June 13, 2021

Siuslaw Public Library District

Search Engine Links

  Web Access for Blind (with screen reader)
 and Low Vision Search Engine

 Recommended for Children

 Sites with Filters for Adults

  Non-Filtered Search Engines

ALA Great Web Sites for Kids
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Awesome Library
Family Friendly Search 
Internet Public Library - KidsSpace
Family Friendly Search
Google Advanced Search
Be sure to check the SafeSearch filter under the dates, useage rights tab.
Librarians' Internet Index
Surf Safely
Google Yahoo Bing.com
Ask.com Lycos Webcrawler
Excite Go.com Teoma
Mamma    Refdesk.com
Dogpile Metacrawler  Search.com
The Siuslaw Public Library District disclaimer on Internet searching

1- The Internet is an international network of freely distributed and accessible information covering every topic of human imagination. The Library serves as a portal to this information and is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any information that does not reside on the Library web site.

2- The Library does not monitor or supervise the Internet browsing activity of Library patrons. Parents are responsible for monitoring the Internet activity of their children.

3- Using filtered search engines does not guarantee that information, either textual or graphical, which is offensive to some people will not be retrieved.

4- Filtered search engines are not always precise or accurate and may prevent the retrieval of useful and non-offensive information. Ask a reference librarian for assistance if you are having trouble finding the information you need.